13 definitions by Tron

to attend a university for more than 7 years and graduate w/o an advanced degree
that guy's such a scollick, he's been here forever.
by Tron February 20, 2004
when your hair smells like a bowl of antipasto and the others smell it too.
yo osbopasto man wash your hair
by tron August 08, 2003
V. The act of combining the activity of taking a dump and surfing the internet simutaneously, most commonly by using a wireless connection.
dude i poped a huge bloodwood while durfing the nizzet
by tron July 29, 2004
A latin arse
Arseus maximus!
by tron December 13, 2003
penis; dick.
You can get all up on this thuk, biatch.

Don't be a thuk.
by tron September 09, 2003
A term used to describe people of Asian nationality.
Look at that Mustard's car.
by tron February 16, 2005
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