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Love where one only finds only his/her partner attractive. Where they only have feelings for each other. Where everyone else is inconsiderable.
He doubted that his girlfriend was reciprocating his total love after she had brought up the attractiveness of two other guys with him.
by Trolltastic March 08, 2012
A male member of the British Army who isn't an officer. An old-fashioned synonym is Tommy. Stereotypical characteristics of squaddies include:
-They regularly go out drinking; while out they shamelessly try to pull civilian girls and often start fights (with each other as well as with civilians)
-They're from working class backgrounds
-They left education aged 15 or 16
-They're fiercely patriotic and xenophobic
-They're overtly racist towards South Asians and people of Middle Eastern descent
-They're deeply prejudiced against Islam, Communism and liberalism
-They're homophobic, and call any man who shows any signs of effeminacy "a poof"
-They're unintelligent
-They're cocky as fuck
Last time I went to that bar a squaddie tried to dance with my girlfriend; then when she rejected him, he and his squaddie mates beat the shit out of me.
by trolltastic February 25, 2011

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