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The best country in the world.

Reasons to love Canada:
1. We invented Hockey.
2. We invented Basketball.
3. We invented Lacrosse.
4. We invented the poutine.
5. We invented the zipper.
6. We get free health care.
7. Our elections only take one day.
8. We have the second largest country on Earth.
9. Our beer is amazing.
10. Tim Hortons owns Dunkin Donuts.
11. A&W owns anything else.
12. Much Music owns MTV.
13. Our flag looks cool.
14. It's easy to score weed.
15. It's easy to score poon.
16. The minimum drinking age is 18, not 21.
17. We have cleaner water.
18. We have cleaner air.
19. Eh? Sounds better than, huh?
20. Seth Rogen is Canadian.
21. Jim Carrey is Canadian.
22. Mike Myers is Canadian.
23. Wayne Gretzky is Canadian.
24. Louis Riel is Canadian.
25. We have lots of polar bears.
26. We have lots of geese.
27. We have lots of moose.
28. We aren't as crowded as the U.S.
29. The immigration system works.
30. The political system works.
31. The employment system works.
32. Our government is better than the U.S.
33. French sounds cooler than Spanish.
34. It's easier to make money in Canada.
35. The people in Canada are nice.
36. Way less racism.
37. Good education opportunities.
38. We have a crazy drink: The Bloody Caesar.
39. It's beautiful to drive through Canada.
40. The girls are AMAZING!

Also, where else on Earth will the temperature range from -40°C to 40°C?
Fuck the other countries, Canada KICKS ASS!
by Trogdor4 July 23, 2009

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