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Somewith with a face that is used as a seat and enjoys being farted on
There are some real chairfaces in Physics 2!
by Trizzle March 24, 2005
manufacturer of LSD's
top quality products
i just bought and installed a new cusco lsd.
watch me slide!
by trizzle March 03, 2005
An anti-semetic asshole, otherwise known as Pelc.
That damn Nazi is such a Pelc.
by Trizzle March 24, 2005
Fly homeboy named Gaute Rustad.
Hey, Gizzle, play that beat!
by Trizzle October 14, 2003
c4 represents the 4 originals...crazy-creditz-cautious-comedy. started in 02 but has grown since then. members from....west pittsburg...concord..antioch..dub c...925...all members names begins with a C describing there characteristics. The Name c4 given to them by grandma...mostly consist of mainly vietnamese...also goes by c fizzle
"damm dont fuck with them c4 niggas"
by trizzle December 11, 2004
The Love of MY LIFE. Who is really sweet. and perfect. and i adore forever
Katrin: Hello lover Tor!
Tor: Why hello there.
by trizzle March 01, 2005
to flirt, flirtatious with
she's flitty wit all the ballers
by trizzle August 30, 2003
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