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It's the face a person or animal makes when they're doing a hard caca, or taking a real good caca.
When my cat was squating over his litter box,I knew what he was up to because he had a squinty caca face on.
You will need to change the baby's diaper soon,because he's making a caca face.
by Trish01 June 11, 2007
A girl who likes to be Doo doo'd on or likes the smell or taste of Doo doo. Generally any chik who gets off with anything about that nasty Doo doo.
That girl likes to be in the bathroom when her man takes a dump, shes a Doo Doo Princess.
by Trish01 June 11, 2007
It's a little shack made outdoors for an outhouse.
Man I hate going to ranches in Mexico,They dont have real bathrooms just Caca Castles.
by Trish01 June 11, 2007

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