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To have a massive ego bigger than any other.
Tris 1: I am the greatest person that was ever born, greatest person that will ever be born and sexy and funny in between lessons while having a greatness break from being so great.

Ego Maniac

Tris 2: (Bows) We are not worthy.
by tris penkal September 27, 2006
Shortened verison of Shut The Fuck Up.
Oi, bitch STFU, You should STFU.
by tris penkal July 12, 2006
A tog head is a person or persons with a tog in their head. A tog is a dumb cell.
Tris: James, you are a toghead.

James: WHAT!

by tris penkal November 02, 2006
Meaning good, great, grand and wonderful.

But only used to comment on an electrical item.
Your PSP is burgage!
by Tris Penkal March 03, 2007
Secn means good, great, grand, wonderful.

A compliment of an object not a person.
Wow, your TV is secn!
by Tris Penkal March 03, 2007
A Hummercide is where you go on a murderous rampage in a hummer.
Tris: I just watched, on the news, a Hummercide on the freeway, 167 people were killed from the H3.
by Tris Penkal December 18, 2006
Two smoking hot twin actresses who are cute and terribly rich. I still love them.
Tris: Will you two marry me?

Olsen 1: Sure.

Olsen 2: Sure.

Tris: Wahoo!

Tris just married Mary-Kate and Ashley.
by Tris Penkal October 23, 2006
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