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as a so called 'greebo' by the person mentioned above, i would also stand up for romford and for the 'greebos', we really arnt the ones lowering the tone of the place...or the ones slagging it off (there are far worse places in essex!)
...r.i.p. secrets....
by Trig March 03, 2005
Central City in Broward County Florida. Pretty Big Downtown Area along Las Olas BLVD , Broward BLVD. South Ft. Lauderdale=Trailerswhere i spend 3 days a weekand Public Housing. Bordering Cities are Hollywood , Davie, Plantaion,and Pompano.
Fort Liquordale
Fort Loddydoddy
by Trig December 19, 2004
to hum upon the male testes usually to the tune of the macarena
"gees a bawhum ya ride"
by trig April 29, 2003
The sweat that rolls off of your back while banging your sister-in-law.
The relative humidity was 100% while I tapped dat ass.
by trig February 16, 2005

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