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A common form of STD contracted by frequenting gentlemans clubs and letting the skank ass ho's rub up on yo' ass.
i went to the slippery n*pple the other day. all of the girls dancing there had red pimples around their mouth. now i have them all over my p*n*s. my doctor says i need to start thinking with my other head if i want to survive for a few more years....damn tequila.
by Trick Daddy December 01, 2003
to smack a fellow with a slinging of a gun, or other projectile object, say, a crossbow
I pistol whipped the rival gang member before shooting him in the leg.
by Trick Daddy April 05, 2003
kinky sex with chains whips, handcufs etc. ... pain is inflicted upon by anni
does it hurt yet bitch
by trick daddy July 22, 2004

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