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1. Anyone who hates and despises emos.
2. Any attitude, that isn't self-loathing, usually sincere happiness.
3. The Oh-so-needed vaccine everyone has been looking for.
4. Emo's opposite numbers, while many people associates this with Goths. The diametric opposite would be a hippie, tree-hugger or (any subculture with originality, self-steem, use of bright colored clothing, proactivity, intelligence,a good appreciation of music, lack of hatred by other subcultures and the urge to give something good to the world).
1. We're making an Anti-emo group, we're going to hunt them down!!!

2. Conversation Between 2 emos.
xxGodKillmePlease: I'm so happy, because I read a book about self-steem!!
AgonySeeker12: That's so anti-emo.

3. When the scientists will find the anti-emo? They are spreading like lice!

4. Umm... Maybe Jesus, John Lennon. Perhaps Bono (but I'm having second toughts).
by Trias-Joyeux October 06, 2008
1. Originally the main theatrical performer on a musical, very like a prima donna, yet a vedette knew how to sing, dance and perform in any non-plastic art.
2. It was derived then to the Ladies who singed and Danced at the Foiles-Vergére at las Vegas or Moulin Rouge.
3. In slang, any person that will do ANYTHING to get everyone pay her attention.
1. The Ladies from Chicago were wonderful vedettes.
2. I went to the Moulin Rouge, OMG! the vedettes were freakin hot.
3. Mary is such a vedette, she did a flash in the classroom just to get noticed.
by Trias-Joyeux October 06, 2008

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