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5 definitions by Triad

Sexual intercourse.
Sorry I was late for the game, had to hoe it out of your old lady.
by Triad February 03, 2003
sport utility vehicle
Let's take Jonah's Canyonnerro, we can fit a keg in the back.
by Triad February 03, 2003
The pz Team of Rune Midgar and various other places on the net and in the world. Excluding California
Team Clouds has Awesome Game Reviews, Count em... Two
by Triad August 10, 2003
The act of or result of most situations.
Take it easy. Stop giving me the bizness.

Stopped by Michelle's last night, gave her the bizness.

Oh Robby! I love your bizness, I need your bizness, don't ever stop giving me the bizness
by Triad February 03, 2003
Short term for Yukaflux. Vodka and fruit equals flux
Everyone knows flux is the second weekend of March in Red Deer.
by Triad February 03, 2003