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1.A term for an annoying beaver-like folk
2.Leave it to your imagination
1.Tre: Mike, stop stealing my pornos you little scrunt!
2.Who, did you see his/her scrunt it was whack!!
by Trey Buevens November 01, 2004
1. Something that trey buevens uses to summon his dog or brothers
2. A sexually transmitted "Problem"
3. An insult
4. Something that you learn about in health class
5. Something MOST health teachers have
6. Something that you can catch if you do not line the toilet seat at your local Burger King
7. A bad word in jesus eyes; jesus says herpies are bad
1.Tre: Here herpie boy, c'mon herpes
2. Bonquiefa: Oh mah god, i had sex with michael and i caught herpes
3.Titala: You are a herpe(occured more oftenly used in the 1930s
4.Mr. Liberty: Herpes are sores
5.Mr.L: Now class look at my second degree case of herpes flamin hot red eeeowchies
6. Ashlee: Yesterday i got herpes from BQ when i didnt line the toilet seat
by Trey Buevens November 01, 2004

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