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How the first few round or two of pancakes looked when my wife first learned to make them. Fuglycakes can be identified by features such as being partially folded over before fully cooked, partially burned, fused together with another pancake, torn while flipping, or being cooked against the edge of the pan giving it an odd shape.

Originally found at http://www.primakow.net/evan/funny/new-word-fuglycakes/
This morning we’re having pancakes for breakfast, but my wife has made them so many times that there aren’t any fuglycakes in this batch.
by Trayf February 21, 2009
One who is incapable of either creating or eating a smore without making a complete mess of themselves.

Originally found at www.primakow.net/evan/
It’s just a marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers, how are you so smoretarded?
by Trayf February 21, 2009
The minty fresh breath that one experiences when belching after the consumption of a Shamrock Shake. The Shamrock Aftershock is often an unexpected yet pleasant minty surprise.

Originally found at www.primakow.net/evan/
Dude, I think I drank my shake to fast and I feel a shamrock aftershock coming.
by Trayf March 02, 2009

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