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3 definitions by TrayManator

A term used to encourage or re-inforce a good act, typically used by father to son (at a football game or when he gets a beautiful chick) or alternatively used by work collegues within "British" sales culture to congratulate on a good job;
Example 1:

Son comes home after long eventful night out, "dad i kissed lucy tonight"
Dad respond "Go on Son"

Example 2:

Sara who works for a Successful Startup company closes a deal for $120,000 and her COO comes into the office and says "Go on Son"
by TrayManator June 14, 2011
The recent rise of daily deal sites, coupon websites and online deal sites now available to customers has create the term called "deal whores".

These are individuals who will only go into a business once they obtain a valid voucher, deal or coupon code. Typically lacking in loyalty, having no genuine interest in trying most businesses, they simply chase the next deal resembling whore like behaviour.
Example 1.

Employee says: "That looks like a good bunch of customers over there"

Employer says: "No, all 10 of them had vouchers for 60% off deal we did 5 months ago, I think they are a bunch of deal whores"

Example 2:

Mark: "Oh we still need to go to that Italian on 4th street, I have two vouchers for it"

Paul: "I thought you had 5 different vouchers we needed to use"

Mark "Yes I do, I am turning into a right deal whore"
by TrayManator January 21, 2012
A girl that you pick up in a club, bar, street or late night venue at 3am in the morning.

Usually pretty ugly, larger than the average, and very open to invites from anyone who is interested.
John: "How was your night?"

Richard: "Oh met a 3am bird and took her home!"

John: "Unlucky, but sometimes required :-)"

Richard: "True, but waking up next to her was very unlucky"
by TrayManator January 23, 2012