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2 definitions by Tray in Corpus

Preferred beer of the Bluff Rat or Flour Bluffian, a suburb of Corpus Christi, TX.
These are blue collar folks who love their tattoos and cigarettes but not necessarily their toothbrushes.

The Brand Name is Actually Milwaukee's Best Light. Also known in some circles as "The Beast". Usually the cheapest beer in the grocery store. Don't look for it on tap anywhere.
Skippy loves his Flour Bluff Stout.

That Flour Bluff Stout gave me a Havana Omelet.
by Tray in Corpus May 21, 2009
Any casserole that is bound to give you explosive diarrhea - a Havana Omelet.
"Meet Me In Havana Casserole" Originally named after a deer camp meal made from a head of purple cabbage - chopped, six jalapenos sliced, one pound of chorizo, and one diced yellow onion. All of the ingredients are mixed together covered and baked for one hour at 350 degrees.

On a scale of one to five toilet paper rolls this rates a six with a box of hygienic wipes mandatory the next morning!
by Tray in Corpus May 24, 2012