18 definitions by Travman

To slap someone across the face with one's penis.
"That chick deserves a good turkeyslapping."
by Travman November 11, 2002
Piece of crap that is so big it won't flush, even after repeated flushes.
Jim left a brown trout in the toilet.
by Travman December 03, 2002
Object that is struck repeatedly by a girl's head during a fuck session.
As I did her from behind, her head kept hitting the headboard.
by Travman December 03, 2002
An object used by males when masturbating; the male rubs his cock and balls up and down on the pillow until he jacks off all over it
Jim found several of his roommate's pubic hairs on his pillow
by Travman December 01, 2002
Bruises a female gets on her chin when she's giving head and the dude's nuts smack against her chin.
I left bruises on her chin.
by Travman December 03, 2002
I shot manjam all over her face
by Travman November 11, 2002
the art of saving a chair or sitting place, once you leave that spot.
i got up from my chair and called peanut butter schpaloozy, thus saving my chair for future use.
by travman April 26, 2004
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