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Well, A long time ago... Cavemen found that if they make wheels and put them on the bottom of a piece of wood, It can be used as a mode of transportation. Later generations took this Idea, and put it to extremes. Making the tails of the wood, or "board", Curve up, This generated 'pop'. and with this pop, the board could successfully leave the ground and return while your feet stay on it. And so skateboarding became what It is today. Generally misguided to only be ridden by punks and outcasts, There are actually alot of good, decent people that ride boards. And to this day, they'll fight to keep the name of skateboarding on a clean slate.
"skate or die dudes! Skateboarding is so rad, that if you dont do it, I'll never be your friend! Becuase im a close-minded asshole like that! BOOM bitches!"
by Trav-miester June 22, 2005
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