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N: A term for a military officer who attained his commission by means other than attending military acadedmy, esp. by attending officer candidate school after spending time as an enlisted person. Generally a positive term. The opposite of a ringknocker.

And, yes, it is also a car, and a plane, and everything else listed here. I'm surprised that with the amount of military people using the site, this one wasn't posted already.
You can trust Lieutenant Smith, he's a mustang.
by Trash Can Jack February 13, 2005
n: While trademarked, this term can refer to a number of types of candy that are similar to a jelly bean that are very hard and prone to getting caught in one's teeth and resemble a colorful bullet.
Damned ju ju bee ripped my filling out!
by Trash Can Jack February 12, 2005
n: A promiscuous person, usu. a promiscuous female. See "slut", etc.

More commonly used in the 1950's, this term has fallen into general disuse, but may still be heard in fiction that takes place in that era, or in circles that consider retro-talk cool.
"I wouldn't trust that little roundheels as far as I could throw her."
by Trash Can Jack February 10, 2005

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