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A disgusting mix of Lima Beans and Ham, as made for the United States Military in the form of C-rations and MRE's (MRE= Meals Refused (by) Everyone)
These Beans and motherfuckers taste like shit!
by Trailltrader April 11, 2007
Ballard (Noun) A Ballard is the name of the large cast steel cylindrical blocks used to tie up large ships to the warf/pier/dock. They are large, they are steel, they don't move, they don't do anything except hold ships in place.

To call someone a "Scupperlipped Ballardhead" is one of the worst insults to call someone who works in a marine enviroment.
"You're as stupid as a ballard! You talk nothing but scupper drainage! You're a ballardheaded scupperlipped idiot"

Good way to start a fight in a navy town.
by Trailltrader August 16, 2011
Scupper: (noun) The plumbing drain cover of a floor drain or the deck drain of a boat/ship thats used to drain everything from mop water, through fishing guts down to raw sewage drainage out in the open sea.

To call someone a "scupperlip" is a naval term to say that someone talks a lot of shit
"Seaman Nelson sure talks a lot of scupperlip"
by Trailltrader August 16, 2011
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