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The old cell phones that resemble bricks, both in size and weight.
"You still have one of those old Nokias? You could build a house with that brick phone"
by TradeMark310 March 12, 2009
Sexual act involving multiple black men ejaculating on one female's face or body, most often followed by the men rubbing their sperm on the girl's face with their penises.
"Hey Winston, wanna come over tonight? That ho bag Jenna will be over tonight, and she wants the Compton Car Wash!"
by TradeMark310 March 12, 2009
The feeling of Vertigo that comes from listening to a very ghetto person speak for prolonged periods of time.
I just saw some southern rappers get interviewed on BET, and I have no idea what they said. They gave me vertighetto."
by TradeMark310 May 20, 2010
A person who is fairly attractive but has small physical flaws that, if fixed by by photoshop, would make the person extremely attractive.
"Hey, Dale's mom is a dimepiece."
"Nah man. I'd still hit it, but she's photoshop hot with that big nose and nappy hair."
by TradeMark310 April 03, 2009
The act of thrusting one's knee into another person's butt. The knee doesn't actually go in, but the ensuing pain can be bad, especially if you hit the tail bone. More of a horseplay thing then a sexual thing.
Your friend is walking in front of you. You come up and knee them right in the butt.

You: "Ahh haha. You just got elephant raped!"
by TradeMark310 May 10, 2011
Fat Man Syndrome-
The term used to describe the laziness that fat men feel, usually used with sports or house work. Basically, it's when a man uses an excuse such as an injury to avoid work simply because he is feeling lazy.
"Jim was fine at football practice until we had to run windsprints. All of a sudden his FMS kicked in and he told coach he couldn't run because he turned an ankle."

"Bob will come running when I have dinner cooked, but when I ask him to take out the trash he always acts like his old wrist injury is flaring up. I bet it's just FMS."
by TradeMark310 November 02, 2009

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