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The creepiest genie-thing from Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Known for his "training", power over inanimate objects, making toast, and his theory known as "The Pecking Order"
Mr. Popo: POPO!

(the ship door closes)

Bulma: Wow! Your name opens and closes the door?

Mr. Popo: POPO!

(ship blasts off to Jupiter at light speed)

Mr Popo: Not really. It just knows better.
by Trackmaster64 May 03, 2010
Badass Terran from the Starcraft series. Formed his own rebel group called Raynor's Raiders to fight Mengsk. the Dominion, and the Zerg. Fought alongside the Protoss, had a relationship with Kerrigan the Ghost, and zapped his drunken friend for breaking his jukebox. A prime example of badassitude.
Jim Raynor is badass in three major ways:

1. He rides a cool hover-bike that shoots grenades and lays mines.

2. The Protoss think he's awesome. You wanna argue with them?

3. He don't take shit from no one. Jim's told generals, emperors, and telepathic assassins to go to hell.
by Trackmaster64 August 01, 2010

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