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A defecatory condition whereby the subject, after just previously taking a rampant and usually excessively volatile and suspiciously aqueous shit, is compelled to perform a re-shit moments later with very little prior warning.
'Jake, watch my beer I gotta go to the shitter'
'Radek, you just went like 5 minutes ago'
'No Jake, I got The Aftershits'
'Dude, is it because of the bape?'
'Yes Jake, I got baped hard.'
'That sucks.'
by Trace Element August 16, 2005
Also known as TBF (Toe bumfuck), it is the sexual technique whereby one fucks someone in the ass with their toe.
"Last night, I was drunk and walking down Yonge street, and I went into an alleyway to puke. There was a naked hobo passed out there!"
"Did you puke on him?"
"No, I toe-jammed that motherfucker"
"Dude, wtf."
by Trace Element August 16, 2005

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