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An acronym for sport utility vehicle. This breed of vehicles renowned for their ruggedness, simplicity, often generous accomodations, and most importantly their ability to traverse terrain that unsuitable (if not impossible) for cars.

Proper SUVs feature manual transmissions, torque rich engines, proper ground clearance, 4WD that when not in use reverts to RWD, and either a body-on-frame construction or truck based unibody.

As of late, auto manufactures have combined the capability of a good 4x4 vehicle with the refinement and ease of a car. Thus, an explosion in their popularity has resulted. Envy towards them stems in large part from individuals who live below the povery level, insecure about their own vehicles worthyness, jealous of their capabilities, and scapegoat nonsense lies on such vehicles.
A Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent SUV. A Toyota Rav-4 is not an SUV, but a tall AWD Toyota Corolla.
by Tr0nX February 10, 2004

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