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3 definitions by ToxicXrainbows

Part of the male body which is a vagina replacing their anus but still sandwhiched between their bumcheeks and is constantly bleeding, also the male genitals suddenly dissapear from the body and leave's a small silky smooth bald patch where their genitals were
I woke up this morning my bed was drenched in blood, but i didnt realise i had a fannybum until i saw my genitals were gone!
by ToxicXrainbows February 04, 2010
Its a womans ass that is rather large with an unmeasurable circumference and diameter, but the woman stil manages to fit in some skinny jeans
Luke:"DUUDE!! look at that girl, talk about Sexy in the skinnies!!"
Laurence: "uhh thats my next door neighbor, She's such an assfield!!"
by ToxicXRainbows February 24, 2010
When you stand naked in the middle of an empty field on a non windy day and let out a long and Blissful fart letting the grass sway Leaving a few turd splatters as you walk home
Wow i did the most beautiful grassfart yesterday! it was so relaxing!!
by ToxicXrainbows February 25, 2010