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One of the two places on earth where WMDs were ACTUALLY used.
The atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshime and Nagasaki. this is the only time in the history of war that a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION was actually used. Think you f$cking americans.
by Totally_OSM! May 18, 2005
A cool place. JApan is an island chain and has climate varying from near artic to tropical. Japan also has the best ofshore diving in the world. FACT. Japan is occupied by the coolest PPL ever to live on this planet and has the oldest monarchy in existance. They also have kimonos and the hottest girls EVER! the reason Koreans and Chinese don't like Japan, is because they're jealous that JApanese women are soooo much more beautiful than the subpar women they are afforded by their subpar gene pool.
I'm going to JApan to buy a boatload of kimonos to sell on eBay. Oh, and I think I'll marry a hot JApanese goddess while I'm there.
by Totally_OSM! May 18, 2005

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