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3 definitions by Torry

The love that no one even compares to. Not previous Loves, or futures Loves. The one who will be at the top of your list for the rest of your life. The one who ruins you for anyone else.
Torry: "Clint you are the love of my life, and the one i want to be with forever!"
Clint: "I know"
by Torry December 27, 2005
Chunky, nasty male ejaculation.
Clint: "EWWW....is that dick pudding?"
Torry: "No its blue cheese for my salad"
by Torry December 07, 2005
How you feel when you wake up in the morning after a long hard night of driking, smoking and all out partying.
The look or sound of anything ugly, like that woman with the mullet in the car next to you, or that nastly little kid with chocolate and dirt on his face.
"God did you hear the haggard message she left me from last night?"
by Torry December 07, 2005