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To successfully pursue sexual relations with a female.
Zahur: OMG did you see those two hotties making out at the bar? Or is it my beer-goggles?

Gavin: Who gives two shits? Man up, son, and mac that shit.
by TorontoGavin September 12, 2010
When two people meet and one or both of them do not at first recall having met before, most frequently because of alcohol consumption but sometimes because one of the people just has a lousy memory. Although it is a second (or third!) encounter, they remeet as if for the first time.
"Hey, I'm Gavin."
"I'm Charlotte. Having a good time?"
"Ya, I'm friends with the DJ so I come out for these shows pretty often."
"You're friends with... Wait, weren't you at Mike's Hallowe'en party dressed as Duffman?"
"Ya that was me! That party was great, I was so crunk."
"Oh me too, the last thing I remember was the guy in the gorilla suit breaking the light fixtures. Nice to remeet you!"
"Nice to remeet you too. Let's grab a beer!"
by TorontoGavin January 23, 2010
An anecdotal story told with incredible (and usually unnecessary) detail.
Bryan: So then these two hotties started making out, and remember how one was wearing that top that let her bra show? Well I had been pounding the rum - not that spiced shit, always dark - you know how I feel about white Rum, especially after Cuba, and I had had like 4 beers before going out, but you know beer before liquor - or is it liquor before beer? - but the organic stuff because I get less hungover...

Gavin: Ease on the anecdeets, yo - did you mac that shit or what?
by TorontoGavin September 12, 2010
Any styling gel, pomade, wax, mud, cream, etc. Not appropriate for spray products, and more frequently for male- than female targeted product lines.
Shana: Dude, you're really working on that jewfro!
Gavin: Thanks, I started using a new hair sauce I got at the barber supply store, I think it's made a big difference.
by TorontoGavin February 07, 2010

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