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Style of music very similar to normal reggae, but with the guitar/keyboard striking on the downbeat instead of the traditional upbeat. Popularized by new wave/punk bands like the Police in the 80's.
Check out "Roxanne" by the Police, or the breakdown in "Natural Science" by Rush!
by Torch January 26, 2005
a)see "lame"
b)a crappy punk-rock band formed in 2000 in the city of Yorkville, IL
Did you guys see Layme play at the battle of the bands? They totally sucked!
by Torch October 21, 2003
To be with family member, "sister" in a kitchen Setting, and comitting sexual acts.
Hey Dude, I cant come out I'm Doing the Dishes!
by Torch April 25, 2004
The worst insult ever created throughout the history of spoken language
Dan Smith is a rotak.
by Torch October 21, 2003
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