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When a male decides to give a particular lady very happy. He first gets an erection, but then things get really crazy. He takes a hot liquid, ex. hot coffee, and pours it onto his fully erect member. The coffee causes the penis to swell to gargantuan size and turn red, thus appearing as the penis of the devil himself. The female should almost instantly want to fuck her man because it is quite a sacrifice on his part, as it is quite painful. The proceed to have sexual intercourse, and the lady is particularly pleased.
Topher wanted to give his girlfriend a treat for her birthday, so he made a pot of coffee and performed the devil's lance.
by Topher4life November 08, 2009
When you are drunk from 8 to 10 shots, you begin eating out a girl. Then you take some shitty vodka and fill up her vagina with it. This becomes the "Double V" (vodka and vagina). You then proceed to continue eating her out, getting drunker in the process from the alcohol/vaginal fluid mixture. It is actually quite delicious and makes the otherwise crappy quality vodka as tasty as sweet, sweet pussy. As you continue getting drunker, you eventually reach the point of throwing up, to which you do inside her vagina. The warmth and fluid nature of your vomit makes her climax. A very fun sexual experiment.
Topher was so drunk that he decided to perform a double V on some slut.
by Topher4life November 06, 2009
A jaegerbomb is a mixture of Jaegermeister and an energy drink. However, a jaegermom is basically a jaegerbomb placed inside of the vagina of a MILF. This is very similar to the double V, but instead of vodka, a jaegerbomb is used. The end result is quite the same, the person performing oral sex on the MILF vomits into her vagina, causing her to climax.
Topher likes his MILFs, he even likes to give em a jaegermom.
by Topher4life November 08, 2009
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