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The large parcel of land in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City that is owned by the Mormon Church. It is more known as "Temple Square". It has been the center of controversy because the city of Salt Lake sold the church a block of land that use to be one of the main roads. The church had since converted it to a park. No smoking, swearing, or preaching anything that is non Mormon
"To save time on my way to the gay bar, I cut through Tienemormon Square."
by Topher30 October 19, 2006
The result of penetrating a dirty butthole. It is always good ettiquite to enema yourself before engaging in anal sex.
I was plugging Roger up the ass, and caught a wiff of crap. I looked down and to my dismay, a nasty case of pooh dick.
by Topher30 December 07, 2006
A slang term for the anus, or as I like to call it, butthole. It is the tight sphincter that cuts the pooh as it leaves your body. Sometimes it is also the opening that men like to place their cocks inside for great pleasure.
After taking a dump and wiping my pooh cutter, Billy lubed up and slid his hot cock inside me for some hot pooh cutter sex.
by Topher30 December 05, 2006

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