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Something that is impossible without taking off EVERY last zig. In order to take off a zig you must know what you doing. This is the reason WHY you must take off the zig.

Basically, it's like playing a horrible video game. "Damn, that storyline is great... but the game is boring... must play..."
McDoodleBob: So, why should I take of every zig? Just because I KNOW what I do?

Captain: No, take off every zig... for great justice...
by Tookar April 13, 2005
Something that needs to be turned on to see "CATS" an intergallactic Nazi.
Main screen turn on!
by Tookar April 13, 2005
What you have no chance of doing if your base belong to CATS, an intergallactic Nazi with a heart of gold.

If you have no chance of doing this, then you must make your time.
CATS: You have no chance to survive, make your time.
by Tookar April 13, 2005
A phenomenon of a show.
It revolves around a group of female housewives.
Susan, being one of them, is a divorced single mother who is in love with her plumber. Susan later finds out the plumber is a murderer, but accepts that he did it in self-defense.
Lynette, being the most boring character in the show, is a housewive with 3 or 4 kids that she can't control.
Bree is another housewive. She and her husband are fighting lots and stuff, but they get over it, but then her husband dies. Boohoo.
Gabriel Solis, who is without a doubt one of the most sexiest womanses I've ever seen, is an adulterinator. She cheats on her husband with her gardener, and may have gotten pregnant from him.
Edie Britt is probably the ugliest of the group, next to Bree, but is all pop-uh-ler because she's got large fake breasts. Oh, and she's the whore of the town.
These are only some of the characters from this awesome show, which gets better with each coming episode.

Hell, I'm 12 and I love it.
Dem desprate houswives shur be hawt.
by Tookar May 25, 2005
From an anime called "Gravion" in which it says "Planetaly Defence System All Destroyed A Decased Citizen 10,000,000 STATUS CLITICAL!"

The reason "Planetary" and "Critical" are misspelled is because in Japanese, R and L are the same things. This goes into other things such as "Herro!" as some say to make fun of a Japanese person, or even "Harro".

The real thing should say

"Planetary defense system has destroyed 10,000,000 citizens! Status Critical!"
Bobby: I shoot you in head!
Dood: OMG!! I bleed! Now this be status clitical at best!
by Tookar April 13, 2005
Goatage is pwning or owning someone with a goat. It is the most superior form of pwnage or ownage.
A zergling runs up and snaps a probe in half.
by Tookar September 12, 2005
A word used when a moron does not know the word "ficticious."
Yogi: Hell no, it is not true!
by Tookar April 13, 2005

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