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3 definitions by Toofy

A 1337 person that plays runescape (although runescape and 1337 can't go in the same sentence, but.. deal with me)
Wow! That Xtarc has some really good stats.
by Toofy January 11, 2005
When somebody gets owned or is just a retard named timmy. Sxu can be used in every sentence.
omfg mothball! u sxu!
by Toofy January 13, 2005
A cheap tacky and smelly latin floor cleaner. Only women who where wooden shoes and those nightgowns called Moo-moos use this product. They can be found in most ghettos mopping the sidewalks with mistolin. The product is also used for laundry, dishes, babyformula, and to cure the common cold in most latin homes.
Yo my kid is coughin i need a quater to get some mistolin. OR The sidewalk is starting to look dirty it needs a mistolin mopping. and finnaly... Miha we ran outta cookin oil.. get some mistolin out the cabinet!
by Toofy August 31, 2004