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Signals the end of a party or concert, or closing time of a nightclub or bar. At the end of any social gathering there will always, always be a fat girl crying.
Time to go, fat girls are crying.

'What time are we leaving?'

'5 past fat girl crying.'
by Tonymicjoe November 17, 2009
When you think a lady has average or smaller than average tits, but upon removing her garments you find she has much more than you expected.
Christ, Samantha has secret tits! Those things are huge!
by Tonymicjoe December 21, 2008
Trying not to contact someone that you really shouldnt contact, for example: Your ex, someone you are chatting up and dont want to appear over keen to, your friends girlfriend that you have a crush on, etc.

Alludes to the thing that teachers and parents make little kids do to make sure they dont touch things they shouldnt. Literally sitting on their hands.
Dude: 'I want to text that girl I met at the club last night...'
Friend: 'Did you text her already and she didnt reply?'
Dude: 'Yes...'
Friend: 'Sit on your hands then. You know the drill.'

'I keep wanting to call my Ex, but I know I will only embarass myself'
'You should be sitting on your hands, mate'
by Tonymicjoe November 19, 2009

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