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This Thing of Ours translated from the Italian phrase, "La Cosa Nostra", also meaning "Mafia". This thing of ours refers to the Italians who created the modern Mafia, it was "their thing", "their own thing" that they created.
This is it Paulie, our thing, the Mafia... this thing of ours. It don't get no betta' than this kid...
by TonyTheBoss June 17, 2009
Geno's is an excellant philly cheesesteak vendor located in South Philadelphia. They sell one of the best cheesesteaks you'll ever taste, 'nuff said. You also need to order it in a special way, don't ask for a cheesesteak when that's the only thing they have, because they obviously have it. Don't be a fucking idiot. Look to the example on how to order a "cheesesteak with cheesewhiz and no onions or peppers."
When going to Geno's, ask for;

I'll take a "whiz without". or...

I'll take a "provolone with".
by TonyTheBoss June 17, 2009
Often used by a mobster. "Hitting the matresses" is a term used during a mob-war. When two families or mobs are feuding, they battle it out by whackin' each other. "Hitting the matresses" is known as going into hiding. Usually finding an unknown, empty house, room, or appartment and sleeping on just a single matress.
It's getting rough, Sonny's already thinkin' of hittin' the matresses and we've only whacked a guy.

We need to hit the matresses before this shit gets outta' hand.
by TonyTheBoss June 17, 2009

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