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2 definitions by TonyHoagland

A truncation of someone's name. Whose first name begins Ho, and whose second name begins No. An oaf. A lummox. A fool. A miscreant. A fake. A phoney. An ill talented, overhyped guy.
"Ho No, man, he just doesn't get it. He just doesn't know what he's talking about. Fucking Ho No."
by TonyHoagland February 29, 2004
A Matey Mister who, in the process of wearing The Eyepatch, plunders the treasures of other Matey Misters, whether his sword be drawn or not.
"It'th your turn to walk the gangplank," one Butt Pirate said to the other, whilst slobbing his knob.
by TonyHoagland October 21, 2003