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Ecstasy tablets, pills with MDMA in them
'Got any little fella's?'
by Tony2 April 29, 2006
to be very much off your head on little fella's/yippers and/or other stuff..feelings/surges of happiness are very much present
Highly enjoyable experience...
Many people at festivals raves and parties,,References are often made after the event in conversation... 'We were bleedin madouttovit, it was deadly' or 'I was so madouttovit'. or before the event... 'Are you gettin madouttovit tonight?'
by Tony2 April 29, 2006
What the lads in blanch call yokes/little fella's
'have ya got any yippers?', 'i was yippered out of it'
by Tony2 April 29, 2006

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