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How Sean Connery pronounces the word 'situation'.
"What'sh the shituation, M?
by Tony Z May 03, 2008
The somewhat melted state a marshmallow takes after being roasted on an open fire.
"Hey Phil, stick this mallow between that chocolate and graham crackers to make a s'more."

"Ouch, I burned my mouth on that mallow."
by Tony Z March 03, 2007
1. A very, very fast blue hedgehog that likes to roll around in ball form
2. Sounds
3. A resaurant chain that insists on advertising in Northeast Ohio even though the closest one is hundreds of fucking miles away.
1. "You're too slow!" - One of Sonic's Smash Brothers Brawl taunts

2. Sonic noises are things you hear, you moron.

3. Damnit!
by Tony Z April 03, 2008

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