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An odd but hilarious sound made by wheel chairs when carting three-toed aliens across mounds to harvest spooce.
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003
Small passageways that function as a teleportational device for festive brain matter absorbed by the re-occurance of sponge-like behavior.
I think that last damaged my carpipulary vasticles causing me to slip a foot off of the rail.
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003
a invisible communicative device which allows for the direct transference of thought.
You've got the usb hub plugged in on that one.
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003
a safty device known to save wildlife from the clutches of quicksand in the most compromising circumstance.
"Take it easy Charlie, my foot's on the rail."
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003

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