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The greatest title for a porn ever. The name is a parody of the popular video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops".
Man A: You know what a great porn title would be?

Man B: What?

Man A: "Call of Booty Black Cocks!"
by TontoTheScalper November 18, 2010
A sexual act in which a person gives a blowjob while humming the U.S. national anthem.
Man: Give this soldier an "Uncle Sloppy Sam"!
Soldier: What the hell is that?
Man: It's where he gives you a handjob...with his mouth while humming the national anthem!
by TontoTheScalper May 03, 2011
The crazy nutjobs that believe the US government caused 9/11.
John: The government is out to get you, man! They caused 9/11! They planted explosives in the towers and shot down Flight 93. They shot a missile at the Pentagon. The government wants you dead!

Joe: Jesus! What a paranoid schizophrenic!
by TontoTheScalper August 23, 2011
The amount of time it took for the Boston Bruins' hopes of a Stanley Cup to go down the drain.
The Chicago Blackhawks scored 2 goals against the Boston Bruins within a span of 17 seconds in the final minute of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to win the series 4-2.
by TontoTheScalper July 12, 2013

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