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1. Character from the first two "Friday" movies. A thug who stole bikes and robbed people.

2.(adj) To take something from someone by force or intimidation.
1. Hide your chain Dee Boe's coming.

2. Yo you stole my seat!

Yeah I Dee Boe'd your shit buddy.
by Tone Knowledge44 January 24, 2009
A thugged out girl of a premiscuous nature, usually a transfer from rougher areas of Eastern European countries.
She was a gypsy girl from Lithuania.

What was her name?

Slum Cum Scrotum Scum.

by Tone Knowledge44 January 24, 2009
When having sex doggystyle with a person who wieghs so little that after you ejaculate, said lightweight person can be tossed, with authority, against an adjacent wall.
Dude i was hitting this annhorexic chick from the back, and after I came I doggystyle tossed her through some sheetrock!!
by Tone Knowledge44 January 24, 2009
A bong/bowl for marijauna useage, made out of an apple with respective holes in it fot loading, carbing, and toking
I lost my glass bowl so we had to make a veggie bong out of an apple. I can't believe it works!
by Tone Knowledge44 January 24, 2009
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