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1: A very pretty bird,
"Hirundo rustica Linnaeus"
Status Common in summer. Breeds. Barn Swallows generally arrive in the second half of April (average 23 April, earliest 10 April). They are found throughout the province in summer, especially in farming districts. Gatherings of migrants are often seen from mid-August through mid-September, but stragglers are frequent in this species, routinely last seen in November (average 14 November, latest 30 November). One on the Halifax East Christmas Bird Count on 19 December 1981 was well beyond these limits, and a bird on Sable Island on 9 February 1969 was thoroughly unexpected.

2: After Giving a Blow-Job, the other partner swallows the semen.(or may choose to spit)
1: Look!!Its a Swallow!

2: Omg Becky You swallowed Brad?? Ewww You TOTAL SKANK!!!
by Tompkins April 09, 2006
A Homophob who likes to lick monkey balls.....
Look at Garrett, he's such a HOMOPHOBICMONKEYCHUGGLER

by Tompkins April 08, 2006

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