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124 definitions by Tommy

A crunk-ass group of heads who live in moco. Makers of the words obbles, poose, and steez.
We all live in North Wheaton
by Tommy April 12, 2005
6 5
Short slang for sphincter. Mainly used as an insult. Many believe it specifically defines a female arsehole. Also see git, arsehole, chocalate starfish, pooper.
Ill take your mum up the schvingt!

My schvingt is awfully sore after takin that bangin shite!

U fuckin dumb schvingt!
by tOmmy May 07, 2004
3 2
Used when two or more people are driving you crazy with there endless annoying chatter. You can also throw in the expletive "Fucking"

This I know is not a "word"
"Get a chat room"
Get a fucking chat room!
by Tommy February 23, 2004
8 7
a word used to describe an individual who is not black. In this sence of the word one is able to establish an undeniable sense of brotherhood and camaraderie while being at best ambiguously racist.
"What's up deegro?"
by Tommy August 16, 2003
4 3
Stinky gasses that escape from the ass before and after the act of defication.
Your god damned poogas stunk up the bathroom again!
by Tommy March 23, 2003
10 9
Adjective used to describe the state of having insomnia.
"It's 4am, how are you feeling?"
"Very insomnial."
by Tommy June 11, 2006
5 5
50 Cent in "How we do" How he refers to his escalde.
"I put lamborgini doors on dat Es-Co-Lade"
by Tommy March 31, 2005
3 3