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1. Australian term: used to describe the middle of nowhere.
2. similar to the American term for the "boonies".
3. Used to describe a place not usually inhabited and out of one's normal travel. A hole
"yeah, he lives out in woop woop"

by Tom215 August 04, 2006
A girl who has looks but not much else. Usually quite vain and concentrate on appearances over anything else. Personal characteristics are generally poor, and teh only attraction to such a person is purely physical.
"She's a real bimbo"
"Yeah, but at least that bimbo's good looking"
"She's a bimbo, what did you expect?"
by Tom215 August 04, 2006
1. people who feel depressed about anything and resort to slitting their wrists as a way out.

2. used to describe such psychopaths but in a casual, joking manner.
1. "look at that loner over there, what an emo"

2. "damnit, im gonna turn emo"
by Tom215 August 04, 2006
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