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Leonhard Euler was one of top mathematicians of the eighteenth century and the greatest mathematician to come out of Switzerland. He made numerous contributions to almost every mathematics field and was the most prolific mathematics writer of all time. It was said that "Euler calculated without apparent effort, as men breathe...." He was dubbed "Analysis Incarnate" by his peers for his incredible ability.
That Euler is one bad mofo.
by Tom Jones February 03, 2004
Sam Jackson, you little shit
I am the greatest Jedi Nig this side of the ghetto.
by Tom Jones June 16, 2003
Something or someone worthy of being the subject of a person's oneristic tendencies. Something or someone worth wanking over.
"ooh thats a wanktasic set of tits!"
by Tom Jones June 01, 2003
A totally spasticated idiot.

Originally formed by combining the words:

'Mong' - (Mongoloid) a total spac.
'Gimp' - A smiling idiot. :)
Tim 'Ronnie Slapped Arse Corbit' Benfield

George Bush
by Tom Jones September 21, 2004
Slapping a woman in the face after ejaculating in her mouth.
After getting blown, the bitch tried to snowball me, but I gave her the schmotz instead.
by Tom Jones May 02, 2004
a blow job with power and energy equivilant to that of a haymaker punch
matt goodrich serves up a haymaker beej like its his fucking job.
by tom jones January 12, 2004
According to Lincoln, it's some kind of caveman.
That spelunker just ate a mammoth.
by Tom Jones December 11, 2003

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