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When a girls Stomach sticks out further than her booty
Stomach stick out further than yo bootydo
by Tom Ho October 17, 2003
When something is the Shit
That weed is tha Schznit
by Tom Ho October 17, 2003
Another name for a penis. Rhymes with nun-chuck but is filled with cum. therefore it is a cum chuck
1. I knocked that bitch out with my Cum Chuck.
2. Tommy Ho knocked me out with his Cum Chuck
by Tom Ho December 26, 2003
Pre-Party Poop. When you drop a deuce before a party to get your stomach ready for some boozin'. Also good becasue no one wants to shit at a party where there are a bunch of girls.
1. Man I'm glad i took that Triple P
2. Damn Dude, I should of dropped a Triple P.
by Tom Ho December 26, 2003
When everything looks good a girl but her face
Bitch got a buttaface! everything look good buttaface
by Tom Ho October 17, 2003
Titties, Boobs, Breast.
That Ho gots some nice Fun Bags. Lets See those Fun bags Bitch
by Tom Ho December 26, 2003

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