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1. An amazing band.
2. A mysterious ball of light that followed WW2 US planes sometimes know as "Kraut Balls", they were attributed to Japan, but could be of extra-terrrestrial origin
1. Nate Mendel in the Foo Fighters is an amazing bassist
2. Aghh! There are foo fighters all around the plane. We are doomed!
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
An erection of the penile variety. Can i say erection on the internet?
Oi, cowboy from the village people! Did the leather man give you a hard on?
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
A clear orange ball, it is believed when 7 are brought together, each with a different number of stars inside, the gather will be granted one wish by the Eternal Dragon. The story of Dragonball (anime) is based on an old Story from China.
Did you read Dragonball?
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
A dodgy group consisting of a police man, a biker, a construction worker, a native american, a cowboy and an army guy. They sung YMCA and In The Navy. Possibly one or more homosexual members.
"Put on the Village People, so i can get down!" chezzuz!!!!!!
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
Looking for food poisoning? Not Sick of places like Pizza Hut delivering the bug? The Visit.... McDonalds, guarenteed Illness with every order.

Now with Death For All The Family: not-so-happy Meals.
I.P. Freely
This is what
happens when
you eat at
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
This is where you can see info on the internet, it consists of 90% porn, 5% shopping, 4.9% random crap and 0.1% useful info.

They can be found using various browsers such as "Internet Explorer" (Oh God!) or "Netscape Navigator" (It's even worse!). They are usually filled with pop-ups advertising stuff no one would ever buy, well have you ever bough something from a pop-up?
Check out this web site, there is a picture of some person on it!
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
Something really band, usually a Northern Ireland Townie speak for terrible.
"My car dead."
"Fuckin' tragic mate."
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003

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