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11 definitions by Tom Bowtell

A type of Bernard
Bernard Cribbins is like my uncle only he doesn't bleed so oft.
by Tom Bowtell March 03, 2003
7 2
A person, animal or carnivorous plant that finds nourishment in the arse of others.
Emilie is, without shadow of a doubt, one of the world's most adept bottynibblers.
by Tom Bowtell February 26, 2003
5 2
A small cork lady to be placed inside your warmest bits as a plug.
Ruby, my chazzy nozzle has floated beyond and I'm gushing.
by Tom Bowtell March 20, 2003
5 4
To make love illictly on the floor of your parents' spare room.
"Dad. I'm in control"
by Tom Bowtell February 28, 2003
10 9
The naughtiest bits of a colleague.
"Show us your leading"
by Tom Bowtell May 01, 2003
7 8
An affectionate term for a Catherine Price
Return to sender.
by Tom Bowtell February 28, 2003
4 6
A thing for holding corn
Crunch crunch mmmmm
by Tom Bowtell February 28, 2003
14 16