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4 definitions by Tom (Welsh)

1. A term used by many for justification of their actions. (it makes anything and everything cool with both of you)
2. Used at the beginnings of words to change meanings of them, no - matter the first letter.
orig.- Chris Lapham being a dick
1.(smack) i)ow!fucker - you're gonna pay
i)oh, that's ok.

2. i)your gay! he he he he
ii)hey!fucker - you're gonna pay now
i)ph! that means your phay - that means your a girl! (much raucous laughter)
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
n.- vicious oafish counterpart to Bloaf
alt. mowgli,oaf,captain corpulent
1.i)Woah Bloaf and Moaf have turned on eachother.
ii)What a Bloaf/Moaf.
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
n- alt of Bloaf.
Vain bum-bandit, who has a flakey bell.
orig.- Vicky- F-S's ex.
1. Its flakey snake, (peel,peel,flake,flake)
He's a real flakey snake.
2. i)Well at least he isn't Welsh
ii)And at least he doesn't flake
3. Is that a blizzard? -no its Flakey McSnakey
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
n- oafish creature who roams Judd Scool. Dependant on Club Des Jeunes orig.- Tom, Matt, Isaac, and Chris circum. 2004
abbr. Blo, Dickhead, Flakey McSnakey
1. Did you catch that far-out Bloaf?
2. Urgh. What a Bloaf.
3. Bloaf is such a flakey Bloaf.
4. Don't be a Bloaf
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005