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A tavern or bar room or cheap gin mill. This is due to the fact that Australians are known for excessive drinking and spending too much time in gin mills.
Joe is over at Australian College getting his load on.

The only education he got was sitting on a bar stool in Australian college.

by Tom from the Shore April 02, 2008
Field artillery slang. High angle primers are a nonexistent item that is used to trick rookies. Often used to send unsuspecting rookies on a wild goose chase.(Regular artillery primers work at low and high angles, so there is no high-angle version of them).
"Go down to the motor pool and ask Sergeant Williams for some high angle primers."
by Tom from the Shore October 30, 2007
A manual laborer, expecially one involved in digging, excavation. So called because the Australians are known as "diggers" and regarded as being rather dense.
He was digging a ditch, a regular Australian rocket scientist!
by Tom from the Shore October 24, 2007
Manual labor, especially any kind of digging. So called because Australians are also known as "diggers" and the implication that they are not very smart.
If you do not finish high school, you will end up doing Australian rocket science for a living.
by Tom from the Shore October 24, 2007
An Hispanic, especially a Mexican.
Look at that greasy pingo in front of the taco stand.

I wish those pingos would stay in Mexico instead of greasing up this town.

Pingos are evidence that monkeys fuck pigs.
by Tom from the Shore February 21, 2008
A size of toy or model electric train. O is the size, and gauge refers to the distance between the outer rails. The gauge of the O train is 1 and 1/4 inches. The most prolific maker was Lionel. O gauge also refers to the basic curve of Lionel trains, that being 31 inches in diameter.

We have an O gauge model railway in the basement.

Lionel makes O Gauge, which is larger than H.O.
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
A bartender. So called because Australians gets so drunk that the bartender feels more like a babysitter.
Jimmy is the Australian babysitter at Mickey's Pub.

Joe had a side job as Australian babysitter at a gin mill
by Tom from the Shore April 11, 2012

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