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Among artillerymen, a nonexistent item used to trick rookies. It is commonly used to send rookies on a wild goose chase. (Muzzle blast is the burst of smoke and fire that erupts from the muzzle when a shell is fired.)
"Private, go to the supply sergeant and see if he can find you a bucket of muzzle blast."
by Tom from the Shore October 30, 2007
1) A specific type of model electric train. Known both as H.O. scale and H.O. gauge. The letters come from "Half-O", since H.O. was originally half the size of an O gauge train. The scale of H.O. is 1/67, and its gauge is 16.5mm. H.O. trains are the most popular size in the world.

2) the scale of H.O. trains, which is 1/87. It can eb applied to trains, minitaure figures, or model kits.
1) Jimmy has a set of H.O. trains running in his basement.

The Hobby Shop carries H.O. trains

2) Are those model plains 1/72 or H.O. scale?

This diorama is done to a precise H.O. scale.
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
1) A toy or model train that is powered by electricity. The most common examples are Lionel type trains and the H.O. trains sold in hobby shops

2) Any real train that is powered by electricity. Power may come from overhead wires, known as a 'catenary system', or through a power "third rail" that runs alongside the regular tracks.
1) Joe went to the hobby shop and bought a set of electric train for the kids.

Lionel makes great electric trains.

2) Electric trains run on the Montclair Line on New Jersey Transit.

The GG1 Locomotive is an example of a powerful electric train
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
An older type of toy electric train, so named beccause it was meant to travers a 27 inch diameter curve. Usually sold as a cheaper version of O Gauge, a common train typified by makers such as Lionel. O27 was made by Ives, Lionel, Marx and K-Line. It is still made by Lionel.

O27 has the same gauge (distance bwteen outer rails) as regular O Gauge trains. This distance is 1 and 1/4 inches.
I have one of those Marx O27 sets.

The O27 is not as fancy as O Gauge, but it is a lot of fun!
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
Group therapy for people who are mentally ill or otherwise mentally incapacitated.
Toots had a nervous breakdown, so every Friday she goes to Australian Mensa.

After the psychiatric ward, the looneys go to Australian Mensa for outpatient care.
by Tom from the Shore October 23, 2007
A drunk. So called because Australians have a well-deserved reputation for excessive drinking. It is one of the few things at which they excel, probably because most of them are of Irish or Scottish ancestry.
Benny used to be okay, but since he's been hitting the sauce he has become a real Australian intellectual.
by Tom from the Shore April 02, 2008
A tavern or bar room or cheap gin mill. This is due to the fact that Australians are known for excessive drinking and spending too much time in gin mills.
Joe is over at Australian College getting his load on.

The only education he got was sitting on a bar stool in Australian college.

by Tom from the Shore April 02, 2008

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