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Wellsville is the name of an Alternative/Rock band from Ledgewood, New Jersey, consisting of six members:
Dan Holwick: Piano, Lead Vocals Nichol Riccardello: Guitar, Vocals
Chris Peslak: Guitar, Vocals
Kara Hadley: Violin, Bass, Vocals
Eric Diaz: Drums
Lesley Sanders: Violin, Vocals
and Some New Guy: on Bass
They draw a lot of their influence from Ben Folds, and Reliant K. They've been told they sound like Something Corporate but they don't really like them.

With clear, incisive vocals and masterful arrangement, Wellsville puts most hackneyed three-chord pop-rock bands to shame with complexity usually not seen in the work of a band whose member's ages range from fourteen to nineteen.

They recently took second place in a Battle of the Bands located in the famous Knitting Factory in New York. They lost to the Ska band Radio Spirit.

Wellsville Fan 1: I saw Wellsville playing somewhere in Dover the other day. They were kinds, like, amazing...
Wellsvile Fan 2: Yeah. too bad their town hates them.
by Tod May 26, 2006
bink an insult towards a woman, generally nameless
I mean if I went 'round sayin' I was an Emperor just 'cause some moisten'd bink lodged a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!
by tod November 23, 2003
synonomous for cocaine, or the usage of cocaine.
"i achieved failure last night."
"you guys wanna fail?"
"i haven't failed in a few minutes. can we bump up again? please?!"
"so much failure."
by tod June 15, 2003

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